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Not having health cover can be a big risk to you and your family!

In South Africa it can be quite expensive to become ill or even get an operation. Therefore it is very important to have some kind of health cover that will cover the costs of in- & out-of-hospital procedures, including doctor consultations, over-the-counter medicine, etc.

You can choose between the following types of health cover:

  • Traditional Medical Aid Options
    These options is quite affordable and includes hospital benefits, day-to-day expenses and chronic medication. If you are young and healthy, this option provides a comprehensive cover without the savings benefits associated with comprehensive medical aid options, making it more affordable; OR
  • Comprehensive Medical Aid Options
    This type of cover has a savings component associated and is quite expensive as it covers almost every other medical expenses as well. Ideal for families and older members that needs cover for almost every possible health/medical risk; OR
  • Hospital Plan Options
    Also part of the medical aid scheme options, this mostly covers members when hospitalised and does not focus on the day-to-day benefits associated with hospitalisation; AND
  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance is an insurance plan that pays a lump sum per year as a result of your hospitalisation. This fund can be used as a substitute for loss of income or other related expenses due to hospitalisation. This cover allows you to cover any gaps that includes in your existing medical aid (NOT gap cover)

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